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LED Bathroom Lights

Upgrade your bathroom lighting solutions with our complete range of stylish fittings, including downlights, wall fixtures, and adjustable backlit mirrors. Whether you’re searching for timeless touches of chrome to complete your bathroom décor, or whether you’re searching for simple and tasteful understated lighting options, we have have the LED bathroom lights to suit all budgets.

Popular Bathroom Lighting

Why Choose LED Bulbs For Your Bathroom?

LED lighting offers many practical and financial rewards over traditional lighting solutions. For example, the average lifespan of an LED bulb is in excess of 20 years. This means that you could enjoy the low maintenance and high performance benefits from options such as recessed downlights for years to come. Other advantages of choosing LED bathroom lighting include:

  • SplashproofIf you are planning to install lighting in areas likely to come into contact with water, check out our waterproof and splash proof range of waterproof LED strip lights. These easy to affix and easy to use lighting strips give you added peace of mind when installing lighting in areas that are likely to get wet - especially beneficial if you have children.

  • Cabinet FixturesOur popular collection of easy-fit Cabinet Fixtures gives you the freedom to illuminate your bathroom in the most difficult to see areas. Choose between recessed, wedged, and strip lighting solutions to make sure the insides of your bathroom cabinets and cupboards form part of your overall bathroom lighting design.

  • Huge Choice of Ceiling and Wall FixturesCheck out our our superb selection of both ceiling lights and wall mounted fixtures for everything you need to stamp your personality on your bathroom décor. From singular fixed and directional lights to two-way, three-way, and four-way multi directional options, we have everything you need (including chic chandelier style LED lights).


Why Choose LED Lighting From LED Hut?

LED Hut specialises in providing you with the biggest choice of cost effective LED lighting in the UK. From providing home and garden lighting solutions to suit all budgets and all tastes, to commercial lighting and fun multi coloured lighting for all eventualities, we are proud to be the UK’s leading retailer in LED lighting solutions.

As part of our fantastic money saving service, we offer free warranties. For example, all of our LUMiLife products come with a free five year warranty and our Spa bathroom lighting products come with a two year warranty. You can order quickly and easily online. We offer next day delivery, with free next day delivery available on orders over £50.