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LED Bedroom Lights

There are some amazing LED lights that you can use for your bedroom. These are not just to brighten up your room but also to create some extra attention to some of the design elements that you may like to use in your bedroom. Energy efficient LED bedroom lights are also capable of creating a relaxing ambience in your bedroom, a place where you relax and it is here that you sleep, read and also get dressed.

There are a selection of LED bedroom lighting to choose from depending on the effect you are trying to create, including LED wall lights and LED ceiling lights. The larger, globe shaped LED light bulbs are very good for bedrooms, producing a modern, contemporary look. You should choose the amount of wattage depending upon the brightness you require. An LED light bulb of 10 watt emits the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb of 50 watts. If you feel you require a brighter light you may go in for a higher wattage.

Another benefit of using LED bedroom lighting is the versatility and directional nature of the light produced. LED lighting fixtures with different beam angles can be used, for example an LED light with a beam angle of about thirty to seventy degrees would be suitable for an LED reading light so you can peruse your favourite book at bedtime. This will be enough to light one portion of your bedroom. If you want to install lights in parts of your bedroom that are hard to reach, it is better to go for LED strip lights or smaller LED light bulbs as they are simple to install and last longer than incandescent bulbs, so you will not need frequent replacements.

Also  low-voltage LED strip lighting and LED tube lighting can add some colour and atmosphere to elements of home décor that you may have placed in your bedroom. You can install them almost anywhere and they work in a similar manner to spotlights. Also, you could use LED lighting located inside your wardrobes or around dressing table areas. Another great LED bedroom lighting idea is to use one central overhead LED lighting fixture along with four recessed lights that can completely light up your bedroom. Additionally, you can also place single spotlights on either side of the head of your bed as these can also be used as reading lights. Whichever option for your LED bedroom lights you choose, you can be sure to find your LED bulbs at the cheapest prices at LED Hut.


With the wide variety of lighting solutions available, you can now use LED lighting for your bathrooms. There are various LED bathroom lights fixtures that are specially designed to be used in the bathroom and there are plenty of design options to choose from.

LED lights do not produce any heat and they can last for as long as about 100,000 hours meaning that you are unlikely to have to buy another replacement bulb! LED lighting fixtures are available in various colours and you can also buy some amazing colour changing LED lights. You can use a variety of wall and ceiling lights to decorate and brighten up your bathroom. In addition, you can also choose from a range of different taps, sinks and bathtubs that incorporate LED lights in their design enabling you to achieve an absolutely amazing look to your bathroom. LED bathroom lights are incredibly easy to install, one particularly contemporary look involves putting in some form of transparent sink and bath tub, which you can then light up using your choice of LED lighting – LED spotlights or LED strip lighting would work very well. This is a beautiful concept that mixes light and water to provide that ambience which gives a sleek, modern appearance to any bathroom.

Alternatively you can go for a more traditional bath tub and sink made out of polyethylene material and illuminated using a built-in low-voltage multicoloured electronic LED unit, which you can program keeping in mind the colour, time and also the colour intensity. This usually comes with a transformer. You can also buy a tap unit where in the colour of the LED changes depending upon the temperature of water that comes out of it. These are just totally out of the world and very mesmerizing. Using the same technology, come some of the LED lit basins too. You can also go in for a LED colour shower where you can choose the colour of the LED rain from 8 different colours. As you can see the choice of LED bathroom lighting is incredible, allowing you to create a unique look for your bathroom.


There are a wide variety of LED kitchen lights available. Due to their versatility, LED light bulbs can be used for ambient, task and accent lighting. LED lights can be used to truly brighten up your kitchen. Any good kitchen lighting must be both functional and decorative. The functionality can be achieved by ambient and task lighting, while you can add to the décor of your kitchen by using accent lighting. All this can be achieved by using the right LED lights.

Let’s start with task lighting. This type of lighting is most needed for the counters, stoves and the central island because these are places where you will be doing all your cutting, food preparation and cooking. For kitchen counters you can use recessed kitchen lights or LED strip lights that remain hidden while providing sufficient illumination.

If you have a central island in your kitchen then the best way to highlight it might be to hang pendant LED lights. For the best track and recessed lights for your kitchen you can use MR16 LED light bulbs that are powerful, energy-efficient and perfect for lighting all your task areas. During the day ambient lighting might not seem that important because with a lot of windows your kitchen will get a lot of natural light. However, after the sun sets ambient lighting is vital for providing general illumination to your kitchen. LED tube lights and LED ceiling lights are the best choices for lighting up your kitchen at night.

To add beauty and elegance to your kitchen accent lighting is essential. LED spotlights can be used to highlight any artwork or decoration. Dimmable LED and LED strip lights can be cleverly employed to light up the areas you want to display in your kitchen. With a combination of these options, you can turn your kitchen into a truly warm and welcoming environment. Furthermore, you will be saving money by using energy-efficient LED light bulbs, and if that weren’t enough you will be making your own contribution to saving the environment by using these eco-friendly lighting solutions.