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R50 (E14 Reflector) LED Bulbs

R50 (E14 Reflector) LED Bulbs

R50 (SES Reflector) LED bulbs

Easily replace each of your existing halogen E14 lights with an R50 LED bulb to cut down on the energy used for lighting your home. Coming in the same size as E14 bulbs and using up to 90% less electricity means making the switch is simple and instantly effective. Every R50 LED light bulb we have for sale is designed to last for years, requiring no maintenance in that time and soon recovering the initial amount spent on the bulb.

Lighting choices

Various lighting colours are available to choose from with our R50 LED bulbs, with some more suited to particular rooms than others. Warm white creates a comfortable atmosphere in living rooms whereas cool white is better for bathrooms and kitchens, for example.

Dimmable options are availavle too, to help create your desired atmosphere. Depending on how bright you require your room there are various options for the beam angle of our R50 light bulbs as well. All these choices help you to create the ideal mood in any room.

Quality LED bulbs

All of our R50 LED reflector bulbs are long-lasting and deliver the same high lumen output as halogen versions but with a much lower wattage. This means you won’t need to replace or worry about them often.

At LED Hut we provide a free 3 year warranty on all R50 LED bulbs, along with next day delivery and a no quibble 30 day returns policy. Order ten or more at a time and receive a discount on these affordable bulbs with quality guaranteed.

Buy your R50 LED bulbs from us today.