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LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights are the easy-to-use efficient way to get creative with your at-home lighting solutions. From providing a subtle glow to the underside of worktops and wall mounted units, to the more practical application of wardrobe and cabinet lighting, ‘plug and play’ LED strip lighting can help you to add a new and on-trend dimension to your home fixtures.


Thinking of adding LED strip lighting to your bathroom or kitchen areas? Check out our choice of splash proof strip kits. Or perhaps add a rainbow finish to your child’s bedroom with our multicolour LED strips.


Looking for inspiration? Read our creative ways to use LED strip lighting around the house guide.

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Help Guide

Choosing the right strip for your needs depends on a few things. Where you want to use it, how much you need and what colour you want.

For ease of use we have some great Strip Kits that require no setting up, they simply plug into the mains and away you go.  
These kits come in three different sizes, 1m, 3m and 5m and we offer Cool white, Warm white and RGB as colour options. They are non-waterproof so cannot be used outdoors.

For those who want to connect their strip to the mains things get slightly more complicated. We've answered so of the more common questions below.

Do I need a transformer?

Unless you choose one of our LED Strip Kits you will need a transformer. This is because they have a significantly lower (12V) voltage, requiring less power.

Which transformer do I need?

You need a transformer that can power the total wattage of the strip being used. For example, if you plan to use our 5m non-waterproof strip which uses 25 Watts, a higher wattage transformer will be required to power it. To help you out, we have added the required transformer as an additional option to each of our strip product pages.

How do I install my LED strip lighting?

To get your strip light working, connect the transformer / driver to the strip light ( extending the cable with 2 core flex if necessary).

Then you connect your transformer / driver to the mains via a plug or direct to the mains and you’re away.

 For RGB (multi-colour) strip lighting, the process is slightly different because it needs an additional controller:


Where can I use my strip lighting?

There is no limit to what you can do with strip lighting. Our customers often use them in their wardrobe, kitchen counters, banisters, back lighting etc.

However, you can get non-waterproofsplashproof and waterproofstrip lighting. This is obviously important to consider if you were to place the lighting in an area that’s exposed to water, or in your kitchen near a kettle, for instance.

How do I mount my strip to the wall?

All of our strip, except the waterproof, are self adhesive. You simply peel and stick. We also have Aluminium strip casing for a more professional look which also protects your strip. This comes in clear and semi clear covers.

Can I cut my strip to shorter length?

You can shorten the length by cutting the strip with scissors. All of our strip is clearly marked on where you can cut it.

If you're planning on using your strip in more than one place, for instance under a counter in your kitchen with a gap, you can cut the strip at the proposed length and use a wire connector to join them back up without the hassle of soldering.

What's the maximum length of strip I can use?

The maximum length our strip can be powered by a single transformer is 5 metres. If you're planning on using strip for more than 5 metres, you will need a transformer for every additional 5 metres you use.

Can I use strip on a dimmer switch?

All of our strip is dimmable, but you will need to use a dimmable transfomer. We have the correct transformers listed on the product pages.

Call our help team on 0333 77 22 111 and we'll be more than happy to answer any other questions you may have.