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24W Plug & Play LED Strip Light - 5m Length - 1650lm - 6000K - Non Waterproof


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24W Plug & Play LED Strip Light - 5m Length - 1650lm - 6000K - Non Waterproof

  • No Transformer/Driver Required

  • Self-Adhesive Tape Included

  • Up To 25,000 Hours Life Expectancy

  • Non Dimmable

  • IP20 Rated

  • H2.5mmxL5000mmxW8mm

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The LUMiLiFe Plug & Play Strip Kit comes with 5 metre long self-adhesive backing tape which makes installation quick and straightforward. The unit can be cut to any desired length at the allocated cut points located on the strip. Once the unit has been cut, this cannot be reconnected or extended.

The main benefit of this kit is that a transformer/driver is not required. Whether you're looking for a particular length, colour, or lumen output, We aim to make choosing which product is right for you as easy as possible.


Light Colour Cool White
Lumen 1650
Protection Rating IP20
Beam Angle° 120
Power Consumption (W) 24
Input Voltage 85-265V
Average Life in Hrs 25000
Dimmable No
Colour Temperature (K) 6000
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) >80
Warranty 3 Year
Height (mm) 2.5
Width (mm) 5000
Depth (mm) 8


Since LED light bulbs are designed to use less energy than halogen spots, wattage is not a reliable way to gauge how bright the bulb is. Brightness is measured in Lumens.

With LED spotlights there is more to consider than just a direct Lumen comparison with the halogen equivalent. The superior light quality given off by LEDs and much lower bulb degradation rate over time must also be taken into account. This is why the stated Lumen output for an LED spotlight is often less than that quoted for a halogen spot bulb it replaces.

Beam Angle°

The beam angle is how wide the beam is spread. If you have a very narrow beam angle your light will be projected like a handheld torch whereas if you have a wide beam angle it will be much softer and spread like a traditional bulb. Wide beam angle are best for living areas such as living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms where you are looking for a softer light and narrow beam angles for targeting specific areas or for decoration.

Power Consumption (W)

The wattage is the value given to the energy consumed by the light bulb itself. So, a 50-watt halogen spotlight bulb will use 50 watts of power. If you have 6 x 50-watt halogen spots in your kitchen then you will be using 300 watts of power. If you were using replacement LED lights at 4 watts each you would be using 24 watts of power, resulting in huge energy savings.

Input Voltage

This is a measurement of the volts required to operate the bulb. The standard for the UK is 240 volts. This means that you can plug these directly into existing fittings without changing any of the electrics.

Height (mm)

The size determines the diameter and the length of the bulb. In most cases the bulbs are a retro-fit, which means they are a direct replacement for their halogen equivalent.

Width (mm)

The size determines the diameter and the length of the bulb. In most cases the bulbs are a retro-fit, which means they are a direct replacement for their halogen equivalent.

Depth (mm)

The size determines the diameter and the length of the bulb. In most cases the bulbs are a retro-fit, which means they are a direct replacement for their halogen equivalent.

Wattage Replacement

This details what this LED bulb is a replacement for in terms of standard halogen bulb wattage. This allows you to easily make a comparison when replacing your existing halogen bulb, to ensure you get a similar light quality and brightness from your new LED bulb

Average Life in Hrs

Manufacturers will give lifetime claims in multiples of 1000 hours. One thousand hours is equivalent to about 6-months use when the bulb is on for 4 hours per day. A traditional halogen spotlight bulb is expected to last about one year (2000 hours) where as an LED will last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours - that’s between 15 and 25 years! Switching to LEDs means you may never have to change your light bulbs again.

Base Type

This is the fitting of the bulb, described by a letter/number code. You can find out what your fitting is by looking on the base of the bulb you are replacing or the packaging of your existing bulb.


Dimmable LED bulbs are only compatible with a dedicated "Trailing Edge" dimmer switch that reduces the current flow. Your bulbs will not work effectively if used with the conventional "Leading Edge" dimmer switches that operate with a higher current flow.

When ordering dimmable LEDs please ensure you have an LED-compatible Dimmer Switch.

Protection Rating

The IP rating is an international classification system for the sealing effectiveness of enclosures of electrical equipment against the intrusion into the equipment of foreign bodies (i.e. tools, dust, fingers) and moisture. IP65 for example, is dust tight and water resistant.

Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

Measured on a scale from 0 to 100 percent, the colour rendering index (CRI) indicates a bulb's ability to make reds, greens, and all other shades look just the way they should. Simply put, the higher the CRI, the more accurate an object's colour would look under the light source.


We're so confident in the quality of our bulbs that we offer an extended 3 Year warranty


We use Feefo which is an independent review company who monitor the happiness of our customers in regard to their shopping experience. This not only allows us to see how we are doing in terms of delivering a fantastic level of service to our customers but also means that we are more transparent.

This product has 88 customer reviews.

We use over a workbench in the shed.
27th June 2018
Good quality
07th June 2018
Around kitchen units. Looks good
31st May 2018
Cut, stick, plug in that's it! Look great in my kitchen very bright. Super impressed.
17th May 2018
14th May 2018
I have not yet installed the strip light kit.
11th May 2018
Amazing quality. Well lit area with 5m length
07th May 2018
lighting for log cabin anybody great quality
18th April 2018
I have placed the light around my doorframe so it adds a nice effect as well as additional lighting for my background during filming.
16th April 2018
down lighting for easy DIYers product is genrally ok, not mega bright though and the plug has a very short lead, so not useable at height without doctoring the lead wire
08th April 2018
No problems at all, easy straightforward install
05th April 2018
I use the product everywhere in my studio. Can I get separate power supplies? I use it for temporary lighting or optional, changeable lighting. I recommend to artist friends. I think the quality is just right.
08th March 2018
Bought these to install in my workshop to illuminate my work bench. I fitted them to the wall but need to reposition them as they tend to shine in my eyes... they need to shine down with a shade to direct the light down. I installed these in the aluminium channel with the opaque covers.
07th March 2018
Good quality, used in living room as main lighting they give out a lot of light.
01st March 2018
Good value and everything needed in the kit. Backing adhesive is unreliable comes away from the back of the strip , great care required. Best to have adhesive tape just in case when fitting.
24th February 2018
Excellent product would definitely recommend
29th January 2018
Happy with product. Used for illumination in portable equipment. Would recommend if asked.
24th April 2017
Retail shelf lighting
03rd April 2017
Good qaulity
23rd March 2017
So easy to install
13th March 2017
great lighting strips, very good for glassware /ornament cabinets etc.
04th November 2016
Have bought these for underneath a clubhouse bar, they look great giving a nice light shining down. So easy to install
22nd October 2016
I use them self adhesive plug in strip lights to illuminate my office, go under kitchen units and behind a display cabinet. For security purposes, I use timers and I'm happy to leave them on as LEDs use so little power.
21st October 2016
Excellent, used in kitchen under wall cupboard units and under base units in front of plinth, gives excellent illumination around the kitchen perimeter at floor level.
07th October 2016
Lighting strip used to illuminate and photograph miniature models, worked perfectly. An excellent easy to use method of lighting.
23rd September 2016
Great for plinths
22nd September 2016
Just bought them as good price (end of line) to see about using them as kitchen lighting (as an experiment). Seem OK so far.
20th September 2016
Plug and play it's as simple as that, excellent light output and very cheap to run
17th September 2016
I've used them to light inside my workshop garage they are superb
17th September 2016
Great product at a bargain price
15th September 2016
Excellent product at an excellent price.
12th September 2016
No comment
09th September 2016
Very good product used to highlight part of a room for ambient light.
08th September 2016
Using to light a conservatory. Easy to install but would like to have insight into plugging into mains circuit.
08th September 2016
excellent item, just as described, really quick delivery, ahead of given date, will use again.
05th September 2016
Used for kitchen lighting under cabinets. Good clearance deal. Product a little misleading as does not mention that once cut wires need to be soldered to continue the run. The instructions do not mention this.
02nd September 2016
The product is resident under the high level cupboards above my desk in my office and provides excellent lighting across my entire desk without being "in your face". Absolutely perfect for my needs ... I just need to figure out where I can use another one ...
02nd September 2016
Great item.
26th August 2016
It is very easy to use the product. Produces really bright light.
21st August 2016
Used for around bedroom coving... very bright & removes the need for a central pendant (used 2 packs) Love the effect.
20th August 2016
Thank you for your excellent service and prompt delivery. Will certainly deal with you again
11th March 2016
Great product
26th February 2016
Used for main lighting in kitchen
17th January 2016
easy to use
23rd October 2015
in my loft. to all my friends and neighbours
07th September 2015
Easy plug in and light up solution. Fairly bright LEDs do the job I needed. However disappointed to discover there is no way to link cut parts of strip, so this can't be taken round corners like competitors' products. Fairly expensive for what it is compared to more flexible alternatives.
16th August 2015
fantastic product so easy to use.
14th August 2015
Very easy to intall. Good quolity product. Fast delivery.
06th August 2015
Great products
21st July 2015
Used for under kitchen cabinet lighting, great product, much brighter than I expected! So easy to install, and the transformer for the LEDs is incorporated into the plug, so you don't need to worry about trying to hide that.
13th June 2015
Fitted in 5 mins great
28th April 2015
Fabulous product, so quick and easy to use - have thought of a million different places we can put it - will be ordering more!!
27th April 2015
Very good
11th April 2015
excellent quality
06th April 2015
Used for under kitchen cupboard lighting. Very bright, easy to attach and flexible.
14th March 2015
just what I needed
12th March 2015
Easy use ,good results and good follow on jobs after installation.
03rd March 2015
Very pleased with product works well be aware that if you need to cut and join you will need soldering skills as no connectors are supplied.
10th February 2015
great product, very easy to install
09th January 2015
Ok but would recommend connector strips with this product.,
09th December 2014
Very good price and a good finish despite some peoples negative review regarding the quality. I could not fault them in any way. Even after cutting to length and joining again after jumping over units with wire was an easy soldering job that took all of 5 minutes. High light output covers an even spread of light throughout. 5 stars.
06th December 2014
Excellent quality, really easy and quick to install Used them on my shop display shelves and now sales have soared! Big Thanks to LED HUT
20th November 2014
Easy plug and play, we attached them to to the top of the blind rail in our conservatory and the effect is great. Excellent for positioning where light is difficult to install.
11th November 2014
very very bright excellent for what I wanted them for
06th October 2014
Fantasic led strip lovely and bright
24th July 2014
Used to provide light over a kitchen worktop. Was recommended to us, and would recommend to others - great product
19th July 2014
Very simple to use very good light
19th July 2014
Excellent quality -as described
10th July 2014
The item is well made, does what it claims. I am using several separate lengths of tape for my application, each with it's own voltage supply, but as I'm a qualified electonic engineer, I'm able to deal with that.
02nd July 2014
Very good value
25th June 2014
This product is used to light up[ the rear of a van, brilliant light and so easy to fit. Everyone who has seen them has been impressed.
18th June 2014
Used the strip kit above kitchen cupboards. Easy to install. Results are spectacular, can only describe as ALIEN LANDING bright.
18th June 2014
30th May 2014
Worked immediately - excellent reactions from all who have seen.
28th May 2014
We used the lights on our stairs and are extremely happy with them.
25th May 2014
every thing was good
21st May 2014
Used to light a glass display cabinet
11th May 2014
Good product- unclear what you can do with the product, only found out limitations when O asked.
08th May 2014
Good quality, bright light.
16th April 2014
great product and simple to fit just as it says plug and play cant be easier.
06th April 2014
Used for under kitchen unit lighting but as product came with European two pin plug and adaptor it is too big for service void behind units.Required repositioning of socket to use.Site and product shows GB 3 pin plug very misleading as advertised as plug and play kit.
28th March 2014
used for under the counter in the kitchen easy to cut and shoulder to go round corners simple to fit and understand.
07th March 2014
I have used this product to light up the loft, it's like daylight, easy to fit just plug and go.
27th February 2014
06th February 2014
I have used this for under cupboard lighting in the kitchen.
26th January 2014
lighting in the wardore.
21st January 2014
All good
19th January 2014
Does what it says.measure,cut,plug in and go and looks great.
03rd January 2014

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