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MR16 Fire Rated Downlight Fitting - 3 colour options available


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MR16 Fire Rated Downlight Fitting - 3 colour options available

Perfect LED Lighting Fixtures for our range of LED Spotlights

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Fully compliant

Fully tested for BS 476 30, 60 and 90 minutes fire ratings and with Part B (Fire Safety) of UK building regulations.

As well as the extra peace of mind it gives, it’ll also protect the lifespan of the bulb and prevent fire from penetrating the ceiling void, floors or the loft space above.

Made to fit our MR16 range

You can house any of our MR16s into this fitting, giving you added flexibility.

Easy installation

This fitting needs a 70mm cut out. And thanks to the easy twist and lock system, installation requires little effort.

It requires a void of 150mm if the wiring cradle is attached and a void of 120mm if the wiring cradle is detached.

Pick your style

Everybody has their own style, that’s why you can pick from 3 different finishes to suit your home’s decor. Choose from Brushed Metal, Chrome and traditional White.



Protection Rating IP20
Power Consumption N/A
Input Power 12V
Size (mm) 120mm x 70mm
Average Life in Hrs 50000
Voltage N/A
Warranty 5 Year

Beam Distance

This is a measurement of how far away the beam of the torch will usefully light an object.


This is the colour of the casing.


This is to describe what material the product has been crafted with e.g. Aluminium


Modern torches and battery powered lights now come with various modes as standard. Typical modes are a minimum to maximum light output staged over two/three modes. A strobing mode and and SOS mode are also quite common.


The reflector is the most important part of a torch.  It gathers the light from the LED Chip and focuses it into a beam.  

There are two main types of reflector surface - they can be "mirror-like" or textured "orange peel". The orange peel type give a smoother change from the hotspot - the brightest part of the beam.  It also evens out slight imperfections in production.  Orange peel is by far the most popular kind of reflector.

Chip Model

The chip used within the device is typically manufactured for a purpose e.g. torch, bulb etc. Here we describe the manufacturer of the chip and any special characteristics.

Lumens - Cool White

Since LED light bulbs are designed to use less energy than halogen spots, wattage is not a reliable way to gauge how bright the bulb is. Brightness is measured in Lumens.

With LED spotlights there is more to consider than just a direct Lumen comparison with the halogen equivalent. The superior light quality given off by LEDs and much lower bulb degradation rate over time must also be taken into account. This is why the stated Lumen output for an LED spotlight is often less than that quoted for a halogen spot bulb it replaces.

CE and RoHS Certified

We only use the best component parts in all our lighting solutions, working with factories that are all ROHS and CE approved.  We have high quality controls in place all bulbs are age tested and go through at least 2 quality checks before they are released.

Size (mm)

The size determines the diameter and the length of the bulb. In most cases the bulbs are a retro-fit, which means they are a direct replacement for their halogen equivalent.

Beam Angle

The beam angle is how wide the beam is spread. If you have a very narrow beam angle your light will be projected like a handheld torch whereas if you have a wide beam angle it will be much softer and spread like a traditional bulb. Wide beam angle are best for living areas such as living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms where you are looking for a softer light and narrow beam angles for targeting specific areas or for decoration.

Power Consumption

The wattage is the value given to the energy consumed by the light bulb itself. So, a 50-watt halogen spotlight bulb will use 50 watts of power. If you have 6 x 50-watt halogen spots in your kitchen then you will be using 300 watts of power. If you were using replacement LED lights at 4 watts each you would be using 24 watts of power, resulting in huge energy savings.

Input Power

This is a measurement of the volts required to operate the bulb. The standard for the UK is 240 volts. This means that you can plug these directly into existing fittings without changing any of the electrics.


The wattage is the value given to the amount of power consumed by the light bulb itself. So, a 50-watt halogen spotlight bulb will use 50 watts of power. If you have 6 x 50-watt halogen spots in your kitchen then you will be using 300 watts of power. If you were using replacement LED lights at 4 watts each you would be using 24 watts of power, resulting in huge energy savings.

Replacement For

This details what this LED bulb is a replacement for in terms of standard halogen bulb wattage. This allows you to easily make a comparison when replacing your existing halogen bulb, to ensure you get a similar light quality and brightness from your new LED bulb

Average Life in Hrs

Manufacturers will give lifetime claims in multiples of 1000 hours. One thousand hours is equivalent to about 6-months use when the bulb is on for 4 hours per day. A traditional halogen spotlight bulb is expected to last about one year (2000 hours) where as an LED will last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours - that’s between 15 and 25 years! Switching to LEDs means you may never have to change your light bulbs again.


This is the fitting of the bulb, described by a letter/number code. You can find out what your fitting is by looking on the base of the bulb you are replacing or the packaging of your existing bulb.

Dimmable (Option)

Dimmable LED bulbs are only compatible with a dedicated "Trailing Edge" dimmer switch that reduces the current flow. Your bulbs will not work effectively if used with the conventional "Leading Edge" dimmer switches that operate with a higher current flow.

When ordering dimmable LEDs please ensure you have an LED-compatible Dimmer Switch.


This is a measurement of the volts required to operate the bulb. The standard for the UK is 240 volts. This means that you can plug these directly into existing fittings without changing any of the electrics.

LED Chips (p/m)

There are 2 options to think about when choosing strip light. The size of the LED chips and the amount of chips per metre. Our LED Strip comes in 60 LED's per metre or 120 LED's per metre. This indicates how many LED's are attached to the strip which powers the LED's. The chip size comes in 2 types, large (5050) and small (3528). The bigger the chip, the more light it gives out.

Protection Rating

The IP rating is an international classification system for the sealing effectiveness of enclosures of electrical equipment against the intrusion into the equipment of foreign bodies (i.e. tools, dust, fingers) and moisture. IP65 for example, is dust tight and water resistant.

Colour Accuracy (CRI)

Measured on a scale from 0 to 100 percent, the colour rendering index (CRI) indicates a bulb's ability to make reds, greens, and all other shades look just the way they should. Simply put, the higher the CRI, the more accurate an object's colour would look under the light source.


We're so confident in the quality of our bulbs that we offer an extended 5 Year warranty


We use eKomi which is an independent review company who monitor the happiness of our customers in regard to their shopping experience. This not only allows us to see how we are doing in terms of delivering a fantastic level of service to our customers but also means that we are more transparent.

This product has 19 customer reviews.

5 5stars
product is excellent
02nd January 2016
5 5stars
good quality
07th December 2015
3 5stars
Scrapped owing to time needed for replacement
02nd December 2015
5 5stars
excellent price and quality
01st August 2015
4 5stars
Fitting OK, but cover on terminals was a bit poor. It was difficult to remove without damaging it and also difficult to replace after wiring connector block. Thank goodness for cable ties
08th July 2015
5 5stars
Good quality
02nd May 2015
4 5stars
As above, service good, product quality OK.
11th March 2015
5 5stars
look stuning
20th November 2014
5 5stars
attractive looking fitting in brushed steel
04th November 2014
3 5stars
Product longer than fitting it was replacing but acceptible
27th October 2014
5 5stars
15th September 2014
5 5stars
kitchen everyone excellent great value
30th June 2014
5 5stars
I'm well impressed with these downlights. The halogen ones I had fitted from build were nowhere near as good quality as these ones from LED Hut. I couldn't be happier. Definitely would recommend these if family/friends ask.
28th April 2014
4 5stars
This product actually wasn't what I needed, but it helped me decide and find the correct product. It is currently not being used, but I have a DIY project coming that it will be used in and will probably lead me to buy additional units.
27th April 2014
5 5stars
well made product but found thet the shroud over terminal block almost impossible to remove
24th March 2014
5 5stars
Simple to install
07th January 2014
4 5stars
Light fittings used in the kitchen to replace old downlighters. Quality of the new fittings was good.
03rd January 2014
5 5stars
Excellent product, well made and easy to follow instructions.
11th December 2013
4 5stars
good sturdy design, well built, more heavy duty than most other lights ive come across
26th March 2013

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