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5 Watt MR16 LED Spotlight - 50W Replacement - 2700K

SKU: MR16-5W-36-2700K

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5 Watt MR16 LED Spotlight - 50W Replacement - 2700K

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LED bulbs are highly energy efficient, using up to 90% less energy than traditional lighting sources.

  • 340 Lumens

  • Warm White (2700K)

  • 3 Year Warranty

  • Narrow Beam Angle - 36°

  • H48mmxW50mmxD50mm

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Buying just 10 of these bulbs could
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How did we calculate these results?

We’ve taken the current average UK electricity rate of 15p kWh, and the closest standard LED replacement bulb to determine the financial benefits of changing to LED. Calculations based on a 6 hours per day usage. Savings vary depending on electricity supplier.



Made to replace a 50W halogen MR16

LED spotlights are available in 3 different colour temperatures: Warm White (often used in living areas for a warmer atmosphere), Cool White (often used in kitchens and bathrooms) and Daylight (a mix between the two and provides a crisp white colour).

LED bulbs are highly energy efficient, using up to 90% less energy than traditional lighting sources. The average household lighting bill is £300 a year and switching over to LED could save you £270, which turns into thousands over the bulbs predicted 15 year lifespan.

What about my existing transformer?

MR16 units will only work on a 240v Mains circuit when being powered by a compatible 12v Transformer. Alternatively, the MR16 units can work on a dedicated 12V DC circuit without the requirement of a transformer. While these units are compatible with the majority of electronic transformers, we cannot guarantee compatibility for all. For optimum efficiency, we advise that you change your existing transformers to LED Drivers to guarantee compatibility and to maximise your perpetual savings. Please contact us for advice or assistance if unsure how to proceed.

3 year LUMiLiFE warranty

On selected LUMiLiFE products, we offer an automatic 3 year warranty. This entitles you to unlimited replacements from the original purchase throughout the warranty period. If your original purchase is no longer available, a new replacement with the latest equivalent model will be offered.

Product dimensions

Height: 48mm - Width: 50mm - Depth: 50mm


SKU MR16-5W-36-2700K
Light Colour Warm White
Lumen 340
Beam Angle° 36
Power Consumption (W) 5
Input Voltage 12V
Wattage Replacement 50W
Average Life in Hrs 25000
Dimmable No
Colour Temperature (K) 2700
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) >80
Warranty 3 Year
Height (mm) 48
Width (mm) 50
Depth (mm) 50


Since LED light bulbs are designed to use less energy than halogen spots, wattage is not a reliable way to gauge how bright the bulb is. Brightness is measured in Lumens.

With LED spotlights there is more to consider than just a direct Lumen comparison with the halogen equivalent. The superior light quality given off by LEDs and much lower bulb degradation rate over time must also be taken into account. This is why the stated Lumen output for an LED spotlight is often less than that quoted for a halogen spot bulb it replaces.

Beam Angle°

The beam angle is how wide the beam is spread. If you have a very narrow beam angle your light will be projected like a handheld torch whereas if you have a wide beam angle it will be much softer and spread like a traditional bulb. Wide beam angle are best for living areas such as living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms where you are looking for a softer light and narrow beam angles for targeting specific areas or for decoration.

Power Consumption (W)

The wattage is the value given to the energy consumed by the light bulb itself. So, a 50-watt halogen spotlight bulb will use 50 watts of power. If you have 6 x 50-watt halogen spots in your kitchen then you will be using 300 watts of power. If you were using replacement LED lights at 4 watts each you would be using 24 watts of power, resulting in huge energy savings.

Input Voltage

This is a measurement of the volts required to operate the bulb. The standard for the UK is 240 volts. This means that you can plug these directly into existing fittings without changing any of the electrics.

Height (mm)

The size determines the diameter and the length of the bulb. In most cases the bulbs are a retro-fit, which means they are a direct replacement for their halogen equivalent.

Width (mm)

The size determines the diameter and the length of the bulb. In most cases the bulbs are a retro-fit, which means they are a direct replacement for their halogen equivalent.

Depth (mm)

The size determines the diameter and the length of the bulb. In most cases the bulbs are a retro-fit, which means they are a direct replacement for their halogen equivalent.

Wattage Replacement

This details what this LED bulb is a replacement for in terms of standard halogen bulb wattage. This allows you to easily make a comparison when replacing your existing halogen bulb, to ensure you get a similar light quality and brightness from your new LED bulb

Average Life in Hrs

Manufacturers will give lifetime claims in multiples of 1000 hours. One thousand hours is equivalent to about 6-months use when the bulb is on for 4 hours per day. A traditional halogen spotlight bulb is expected to last about one year (2000 hours) where as an LED will last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours - that’s between 15 and 25 years! Switching to LEDs means you may never have to change your light bulbs again.

Base Type

This is the fitting of the bulb, described by a letter/number code. You can find out what your fitting is by looking on the base of the bulb you are replacing or the packaging of your existing bulb.


Dimmable LED bulbs are only compatible with a dedicated "Trailing Edge" dimmer switch that reduces the current flow. Your bulbs will not work effectively if used with the conventional "Leading Edge" dimmer switches that operate with a higher current flow.

When ordering dimmable LEDs please ensure you have an LED-compatible Dimmer Switch.

Protection Rating

The IP rating is an international classification system for the sealing effectiveness of enclosures of electrical equipment against the intrusion into the equipment of foreign bodies (i.e. tools, dust, fingers) and moisture. IP65 for example, is dust tight and water resistant.

Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

Measured on a scale from 0 to 100 percent, the colour rendering index (CRI) indicates a bulb's ability to make reds, greens, and all other shades look just the way they should. Simply put, the higher the CRI, the more accurate an object's colour would look under the light source.


We're so confident in the quality of our bulbs that we offer an extended 3 Year warranty


We use Feefo which is an independent review company who monitor the happiness of our customers in regard to their shopping experience. This not only allows us to see how we are doing in terms of delivering a fantastic level of service to our customers but also means that we are more transparent.

This product has 81 customer reviews.

Perfect for replacing halogens
24th June 2018
Generally very reliable. In this case it was replacement (with no argument) of two LED lights that had failed
14th June 2018
products bought totally satisfied my needs.
13th June 2018
replacement for halogen mr16
03rd June 2018
Good product, but they (MR16 LED warm white bulbs) had a slightly unpleasant yellow colour. A little more yellow than warm white normally would be.
02nd June 2018
excellent value for money
02nd May 2018
It’s a bulb !!
29th April 2018
Does what it says on the tin.
12th April 2018
Replaced all bulbs with LED. Recommend to any one who wants to save on their electricity bills. The bulbs when lit are very bright at least equal to the ones replaced
02nd April 2018
good replacement lamps for my old halogens
23rd March 2018
Always great service.
13th March 2018
High quality product.
10th March 2018
Good quality lights
07th March 2018
To light kitchen worktop
04th March 2018
I use them in the Kitchen and Bathroom downlighters. Great for anyone looking for nice lighting. This product is very good.
04th March 2018
A great money saving product
26th February 2018
Used these to replace low voltage bulbs in lounge and they look great
22nd February 2018
Using lamps in ceiling spots in lounge. Colour is nice and warm
21st February 2018
I purchased these for ceiling downlighters; they fitted exactly, were brighter than the halogens they replaced (using the correct power supply, also supplied by LED Hut), and I am very pleased.
19th February 2018
Great LED product, this replaces halogen lamps.
12th February 2018
Bright, easy to install, good quality
10th February 2018
06th February 2018
02nd February 2018
Used in entrance hall. Have recommended to my family because of the quality and reduction in energy usage in terms of cost and enviroment.
07th July 2017
Replacement of old halogen lamps. good price, good product
21st June 2017
good product but description is wrong described as a replacement for a 35 watt halogen lamp, but this is wrong the LED is a 50 watt replacement.
16th June 2017
Great item, easily installed, very neat.
01st June 2017
Product is excellent. I am using this on outdoor garden lights. Much better coverage than the old ones, and only consuming under 5 watts.
18th May 2017
Great kitchen lighting
13th May 2017
Perfect for anywhere you need to replace a gu16 type bulb, light output for the equivalents are just as good
05th May 2017
the product has proved first class
22nd April 2017
this is a very good product well made and so far no complaints at all.
09th April 2017
Seem ok so far
04th April 2017
Use in my kitchen brilliant
03rd April 2017
Delivered as expected and is working well. Thanks!
01st April 2017
Great value, looking forward to the savings in running costs.
31st March 2017
Great colour steady light
19th March 2017
Great products & customer service
07th February 2017
Low wattage replacement Recommend to everyone Very good quality
16th January 2017
very good.
30th December 2016
Used in kitchen/bathroom ceiling fitted spotlights. A wider angle spread would be useful. Would recommend to a friend. Quality seems good so far.
30th December 2016
Swapped all my bathroom lights! Amazing!!!
05th December 2016
good price
10th November 2016
v happy
06th November 2016
The product is excellent. The 'daylight' LED spots are in the basement and the warm LED's in the bedroom. Also in all lamps. Excellent.
04th November 2016
These are used in the home to replace existing 35w bulbs and are just as bright.
23rd October 2016
I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to economise on their heating & lighting bill.
20th October 2016
It appears to be good quality.i needed to replace when a transformer failed. I had problems before with strobing. It was suitable for the 6W LED transformer. No problems.
18th October 2016
would recommend
09th October 2016
I bought this as a replacement for old style ceiling lights for there increased fire resistance and led lights . They were fairly straight forward to fit as long as you have the right tools.
23rd September 2016
Good quality
06th September 2016
excellent products good service
20th July 2016
i already said in first box
30th June 2016
Fast service, good price, helpful service.
16th April 2016
I use the lamps to replace 5 x 50watt but the colour is dismal and the light is nowhere as good but obviously cheaper. thanks for replacing the faulty lamp so quick. Graham Brown.
10th April 2016
Use the bulbs in both bathrooms and they work well, have had a few faulty bulbs but they were replaced immediately. I would recommend them to anyone.
05th April 2016
We use the lights in our new bathroom. Nice and bright.
31st March 2016
I have only starred 3 these as they didn't work with my drivers as they require a higher wattage. However, the 6W and 7.5W MR16s I ordered instead are fantastic and would give 5 stars.
22nd March 2016
Used in both bathrooms would recommend to anyone . Had one faulty bulb which was dealt with immediately no questions.
18th March 2016
These replaced the original MR16 halogen lamps and provide an excellent light with a comparable warm light colour. I've dropped off 1 star due to the delay in the lamp coming on (slower than fluorescent light on same switch!)
17th March 2016
Size not right for all existing units
22nd February 2016
Good light.
16th February 2016
Excellent product. We bought them to replace our kitchen spotlights. Worked straight away as direct replacement - no additional transformer needed which was good, and something we weren't quite sure of. The warm white light is more pleasant than the harsh glare of old bulbs.
15th February 2016
Replaced 6 35 Watt Halogen bulbs in bathroom ceiling - the level of light is good - and the warm white option is pleasant. A good energy saving for the future
10th February 2016
Dimmer than tungsten/halogen 35w but ok for 20w replacement. Not sure these lumen-equivalent ratings are relevant to human vision. Probably accurate for cameras and light detectors but not wide-spectrum retina.
02nd February 2016
Excellent replacement, brighter and reproduce a lovely warm glow. Without a doubt the best price/warranty available for these MR16 fittings.
26th January 2016
A good user-friendly website made the ordering process straightforward. Items as described and arrived promptly. Overall an excellent customer experience and I would recommend LED HUT to others.
26th January 2016
Very pleased with the product.
15th January 2016
very bright
29th December 2015
Excellent but had to order new transformer. Light however is of good quality
26th December 2015
19th December 2015
Used in bed over reading lights excellent did not need drivers straight replacement .
13th December 2015
much better than the old ones
07th December 2015
I used these to replace 35W MR16 Halogen spotlights and they are a GREAT replacement. Same levels of light and "warmth" of light is comparable. Very little heat generated and HUGE reduction in power consumption!
23rd November 2015
.just what I ordered
18th November 2015
Good quality bulbs - much better than ones I have bought in the past
12th November 2015
Looks good, and works well. I can recommend these to anyone! But expect that you may need to buy a transformer too.
06th November 2015
Kitchen downlights - perfect.
05th November 2015
Good quality products
21st October 2015
Good product, provides nice lighting.
10th October 2015
04th October 2015

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