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MR11 LED Bulbs (12v)

MR11 LED Bulbs (12v)

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MR11 LED bulbs from LED Hut

Switch all of your existing halogen light bulbs for MR11 LED versions to save money and energy on your home or office lighting. Low wattages coupled with the same high output of lumens makes each MR11 bulb the ideal replacement for higher watt options. At LED Hut we have a wide range of MR11 bulbs with 90 to 170 lumens as replacements for 10 to 20W equivalents, as well as transformers/drivers to power such low voltage LED bulbs.

Efficient lighting

MR11 LED bulbs use up to 90% less electricity than their halogen counterparts and act as direct replacements, meaning you can simply install them without the need for an electrician. This reduces the amount of energy used for lighting your property and therefore your energy bills.

Dimmable options and different light colours, such as cool and warm white, are available to create the ideal ambience you require. We also stock LED transformer/drivers to provide a constant current and power many low watt bulbs.

Quality guaranteed

Every MR11 LED bulb we have for sale has been constructed using the finest components by the leading lighting brand: LumiLife. A free 3 year warranty is provided with all products in the section and we offer a 30-day no quibble returns policy. We have bulk-buy options for all products; buying ten or more ensures a discount on your order.

Buy your MR11 LED bulbs with us today.